Eliminate Credit Card Debt

While you are sure to gawk at this article with bulging eyes of disbelief, the simple fact is that it is TRUE! Credit card debt elimination truly is an easy process. The only prerequisite being that you are disciplined and true to yourself. Firstly, it would be prudent to see how many credit cards you have. Fact of the matter is you need to do away with having excess credit cards. The reason for this is encapsulated in one word – Temptation.

The more credit cards you have, higher are the chances of you getting yourself into more debt. The best bet is to have one credit card with a low limit. This alone should help you on your way to successful credit card debt elimination. Granted; you may feel stifled but consider it tough love. Not to get too corny or too philosophical, but this credit card debt elimination process is a journey. It’s one where you learn to live within your means. It’s where you teach yourself to budget. Don’t consider it as a journey of deprivation. Rather consider it a learning experience that’ll leave you richer in more ways than one.

The less you spend, the more you are sure to save; which means you’ll have enough money to settle your credit card debt. This is what it all boils down to, when it comes to credit card debt elimination. Another old school tip which is sure to work all the time, every time is to rely on hard cold cash instead of using the proverbial “plastic money”. Save cash as much as you can when you want to purchase something. Chances are by the time you have saved cash to purchase what you desired so much; you’d probably feel that you don’t really want it.

Trust us; this is something that happens to most people. As you can see credit card debt elimination really is an easy process. It’s far easier to stick to this plan of credit card debt elimination than to stay committed to a weight loss regime. Another really important tip that you should consider adhering to is creating a spreadsheet of sorts that include all your liabilities. Instead of paying off these liabilities using your various credit cards, use cash to pay of all these liabilities and past credit card debt. Trust us when we say that, when you update it on a monthly basis, it’s sure going to be a motivational booster to see your overall liabilities drivel down. There you have it, a sure fire way for total credit card debt elimination.


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