Total Debt Elimination

Total debt elimination is no cake walk. But then nothing in life is a garden full of roses. But your one main ally when it comes to realizing total debt elimination is educating yourself on what you don’t know about money. The sooner you do this, the faster and more feasible you have chances of achieving freedom from absolute debt.

The main reason most Americans are suffering from this specter of debt is largely thanks to the creation of credit cards. Just picture your daily expenditures and how you view money. A credit card just offers you a limitless bounty of cash which you can spend all you want. Coupled with impulse buying, you are guaranteed to get yourself into debt.

This perspective should hopefully make you feel more wary of credit cards. Do yourself a favor and throw them out while probably just holding onto one just in case of emergencies. This is our first step towards total debt elimination. An even better solution would be to have a debit card. You can discipline yourself to track all your expenditures via the bank statement you get.

Even before you start spending it would be extremely wise to have a strict budget. Segregate what you really need in life and what you don’t need. Give up the cable TV subscription, the gym membership, the gourmandizing in posh restaurants and expensive spa treatment. Total debt elimination will not happen when you indulge yourself beyond a certain stage.

Total debt elimination is strongly linked to money-saving tips. If you got your monthly budget in order, all you have to do is to shop elsewhere to get what you need at a substantially cheaper price. Start shopping at outlet malls, venture into wholesale clubs and never throw away those coupons. It’s practically the same as to throwing away good money!

One should also note that total debt elimination is absolutely key when you bring your retirement into perspective as well. The decision is entirely yours. You either start paying off your debts by making sacrifices today or enjoy your retirement days with a few thousand dollars, or you pay off all your liabilities while being forever in debt.


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